Fasteners in Seattle, WA


Metal Fasteners —  Fasteners in Seattle WA

Stainless Steel Fasteners

We have the largest selection of Stainless Steel fasteners in the area, featuring both SAE and Metric sizes, in almost all configurations currently available. We use multiple sources to ensure the greatest range of sizes, thread pitches, and head styles. In addition to the “standard fare”, our Stainless Department boasts an irresponsibly excessive selection of the oddball, unusual, and hard to find parts that has made us famous in Seattle. Give us a call to see if you can stump us, especially on the weird stuff.

Silicon Bronze Fasteners

A wide selection of silicone fasteners.

Chrome Fasteners

What started out as an expensive experiment has become a full-fledged department. We source our Chrome Fasteners from several vendors and have built a selection of SAE and Metric chrome that has put the finishing custom touches on some of the coolest projects that we have seen. While the chrome selection could never be as complete as our Stainless Steel department, we try to stock almost all of the chrome currently available, even including the rare fine thread, button heads, oddball spacers, etc. Call for details.

Nylon Fasteners

Available in either Natural or Black. Nylon is rarely found by-the-piece, but we have a great selection of hex head, pan head, and flat heads, as well as nuts, washers, fender and finish washers, Mylar washers, etc. We also stock lots of nylon spacers, in both SAE and Metric. Come in and check out our “Wall of Oddball Fasteners,” literally hundreds of bins of hard-to-find parts!

Metric Fasteners

In addition to the stainless, chrome and nylon fasteners already mentioned, we stock a full range of ferrous metric nuts and bolts, in grades 8 and 10.9. We even have mini-metric, as well as all of the oddball e-clips, dowel pins, etc., that you would expect "The Fastenerds" to have!